Write up a case study about anxiety disorder OR major depressive disorder

Write up a case study about anxiety disorder OR major depressive disorder

For your 1st paper, a minimum 4 pages, I want you to:

Write up a case study example as if you are the therapist and you are meeting with a client who is experiencing either generalized anxiety disorder OR major depressive disorder (you choose).

-On the 1st page of the paper I want you to first write up a paragraph or two describing the client in detail. Tell me their demographics (who they are, some stuff about their history, and about their presenting problem, etc. AKA why did they come to therapy). Afterwards, provide evidence that helped you accurately diagnose your client. This should take up the entire 1st page of your paper.

-On the remaining pages, I want you to write as up your thoughts about the client as if you have just met them for the first session. I want you to tell me a little bit about what you think is going on for them, how you came up with the diagnosis, what you think the contributing factors to their symptoms are, what your treatment plan thoughts are, what type of therapy you want to use and why (cognitive behavioral, humanistic, psychoanalytic, etc).  I want you to show me that you have carefully considered their history and what your thought process is about how to treat them.

I am not concerned about APA format. I am looking to see if you deeply understand anxiety or depression and how it would manifest in a potential client – and how you would individually want to help them create change.

You can use the internet, but DO NOT plagiarize ANYTHING from the internet. You will immediately get a 0 for that.

Double spaced. 12 font size. Minimum 4 pages. Post it on Classes.

Due DateOct 7, 2022 11:59 PM