UNV104 Week 1 Assignment Brainstorming and Research Worksheet

UNV104 Week 1 Assignment Brainstorming and Research Worksheet

UNV104 Week 1 Assignment Brainstorming and Research Worksheet

UNV104 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy

Week 1 Assignment  

Brainstorming and Beginning Research Worksheet

Access and complete the “Brainstorming and Beginning Research Worksheet” assignment.

To assist you with this assignment, be sure to review the “The Writing Process” media; this is a great resource for you to use as you create your essay throughout the course.

Access and complete the “Brainstorming and Beginning Research” worksheet. This assignment will walk you through the writing process steps of choosing a topic, brainstorming techniques, research strategies, and research.

Submit the completed assignment to the final assignment drop box by the end of Topic 1 (Sunday, by 11:59pm, Arizona Time).





Expository Essay: Brainstorming and Beginning Research

Before you begin any writing assignment, it is often necessary to complete several “pre-writing” activities necessary for completing your expository essay including selecting a topic, brainstorming, research strategies, and research. Follow the instructions to complete these pre-writing activities. Make sure you complete all sections of this worksheet.

Part 1: Select a Topic – Pick One

Below are lists of essay topics to use for the expository essay please highlight/bold your topic choice so your instructor will know your selection.

1.            Three services Veterans need to successfully return to civilian life

2.            Three characteristics of good leaders

3.            Three ways bullying can negatively impact children

4.            Three ways technology can impact communication

5.            Three issues found in a large classroom

6.            Three services the Christian church can provide the community

Part 2: Brainstorming Strategies

Read: Topic 1 Lecture.

Review: “Invention: Finding Your Ideas” section of “The Writing Process” media piece:


Complete: In box 1, use the brainstorming method of “Free Writing”.

Brainstorm Method: Free Writing:

Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete your free write brainstorm activity in this box to show your work.

Part 3: Research Strategies – Key Words & Phrases

Step 1: Pull keywords that were generated from your brainstorming activity in part 2.  These keywords need to pertain to the topic selected from part 1.

Step 2: Combine keywords to come up with Boolean search terms. Boolean Search Possibilities: Boolean search terms utilize AND phrases and is covered on page 15 of the course eBook.

An example table is provided below to demonstrate how you should complete this. Please do not use any part of the example as part of your own table.

Example Tables

Keywords pulled from brainstorming         Boolean: Phrases from Keywords

1. Online Learning            1. Online Learning AND Education

2. Student Success            2. Online Learning AND Student Success

Keywords pulled from brainstorming

Boolean: Phrases with Keywords – Boolean search terms utilize AND phrases. This is covered on page 15 of the course eBook

1.            1.

2.            2.

3.            3.

Part 4: Define Sub-topics

State three potential sub-topics you want to write about based on the topic you selected in Part 1. Subtopics are the main ideas you plan to use to explain your chosen topic.

1.            Sub-topic 1:

2.            Sub-topic 2:

3.            Sub-topic 3:

Part 5: Navigating the GCU Online Library

Overview: The GCU Library will be a vital resource for you during your academic career. The Library contains a wealth of resources that will help you find, research, and broaden your understanding on any given topic. Learning to correctly use resources to support your writing is an essential component of your academic success.

Before starting this section, review the short walk-through tutorial on the GCU Library. http://tutorials.gcumedia.com/mediaElement/library-walk-through-tutorial/library-walk-through-tutorial-v1.1.php