UNV104 Final Draft: Expository Essay

UNV104 Final Draft: Expository Essay

UNV104 Final Draft: Expository Essay

UNV104 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy

Week 6 Assignment  

Final Draft: Expository Essay

Please complete the following steps in order to complete the final draft of your essay:

Revise your expository essay based on your instructor’s feedback on your outline and first draft.

Examine the media item The Writing Process will assist you in refining and finalizing your essay.

Examine the rubric for this assignment to ensure you’ve finished all of the required components of your essay.

Your final draft should be between 750 and 1,000 words long.

Before submitting your final essay, complete the following:

Read your paper aloud (to yourself or someone else) to “hear” grammar and sentence structure issues.

By smoothing out your language, you can polish the issues discovered.

Before submitting the final draft, run spellcheck and grammar check (as a backup). Make any necessary changes to correct any spelling or grammar errors.

Cite your sources correctly, both in-text and in the References section at the end of your paper. (The Reference Page is the final page of your paper and should contain ONLY references. The reference must be included if you cited the work in the paper. If you did not use the reference in your paper, do not include it.)

Make certain that none of the instructors’ embedded feedback from your first draft appears in the final draft. These comments should have been corrected, and the comment itself should have been removed. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor.

Prepare this assignment in accordance with the guidelines in the GCU Style Guide, which can be found in the Student Success Center.

Examine the Final Draft Rubric to ensure that all elements are included in your essay; this is NOT the same rubric that was used in the First Draft. A rubric is used for this assignment. Please review the rubric before beginning the assignment to become acquainted with the requirements for successful completion.