Signs and Symptoms of Viral Pneumonia

Signs and Symptoms of Viral Pneumonia

Signs and Symptoms of Viral Pneumonia


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Viral pneumonia, unspecified (J12.9)

· Pneumonia is the most significant infectious cause of death in children worldwide.

· Infectious agents like viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause pneumonia. (WHO, 2022).

· According to Cash et al. (2021), inflammation and consolidation of lung tissues are due to viral pathogens, such as RSV, Influenza, Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus, causing viral pneumonia.

RSV is the most common viral infection in young children.

· Physical examinations and symptoms:

· Vital signs and respiration rate for one full minute to assess tachypnea –( RR>60/Minute tachypnea).

· Inspecting the overall appearance of the child, grunting and nasal flaring with breathing and crying

· Check nail beds and lips for cyanosis

· Spo2 <92% requires O2 – 2 Liters/minute

· Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat examination

· Fussiness and dehydration-skin turgor diminish and sunken fontanelle.

· Auscultate Heart regular S1 and S2 but Lungs mild scattered wheezing

· Percussing the chest for dull sound (Consolidation)

· Palpating -Lymph nodes and sinuses for swelling and tenderness-

· Laboratory test

· CBC – WBC average value – 3.4 – 10.8  X10e3/ul. Elevated WBC and lymphocyte indicate viral infection. Platelet count lowered with a viral infection


· C-reactive protein, usually 10 mg/L in the child but increases up to 20-28mg/L in viral pneumonia.

· ESR averages 3 to 13 mm/hr and is mildly elevated in viral infections.

· According to WHO (2022) guidelines, rapid viral nasal swabs for:

· Influenza A and B immunoassay – Non-detected

· Covid 19 PCR – Non-detected

· RSV-Detected

·  Testing with one nasal swab, Non-detected means no virus is present, and detected means the virus has affected the person

· (Freeman & Leigh, 2022; WHO, 2022)

Signs and Symptoms of Viral Pneumonia