Go to  YourMorals.Org Links to an external site.. Set up an account and then take the Schwartz Values Test and the Big Five Personality Test. Go to the  Barrett Values Centre Links to an external site.  and take the personal values test. After completing the above assessments online, you have a picture of the values that are important to you. As you think about those, choose one that scores as most important. Now, consider an ethical/boundary situation that you might confront in your internship agency related to either the clients or the co-workers.

· Use the scenarios on pages 85-98 to consider the dilemma that most goes against the value you chose (ie: the therapist or worker went against that value).

· Then write about steps you could take to stay clear about your values and to set appropriate boundaries at your internship agency and beyond. Be sure to include at least three approaches you could use to help you stay on track.

· This reflection journal entry must be a minimum of 500 words.