Quantitative and Qualitative research methods

Quantitative and Qualitative research methods

Quantitative and Qualitative research methods


Qualitative, Quantitative, & Mixed Methods of Inquiry

Chapter 4


Quantitative research methods emphasize the production of precise and generalizable statistical findings

Qualitative research methods more likely to tap deeper meanings of human experience and generate theoretically richer observations not easily reduced to numbers

Researchers should match the tools they use with research questions & conditions

Mixed-methods research refers to the use of combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods within the same study






Reasons for using Mixed-Methods

Three broad reasons:

To use one set of methods to illustrate cases or provide numbers for the findings of the other set

To use one set to initiate ideas or techniques that later can be pursued by the other set

To see if the two sets of findings corroborate each other


Advanced Mixed-Methods Designs

Intervention Mixed-Methods Design

Merging a qualitative inquiry with a quantitative evaluation of an intervention’s outcome

Social Justice Mixed-Methods Design

Uses various methods based on a social justice theory, with goal of call for action

Multiphase Mixed-Methods Design

Uses several mixed-method projects implemented in multiple phases over time in longitudinal study





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