Promoting Healthy Habits Assignment Solved 

Promoting Healthy Habits Assignment Solved 

Promoting Healthy Habits Assignment Solved

Romina Alejandra Dana

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle, that will include healthy habits such as eating non-process foods, and taking vitamins and supplements, to only mention some would better be attained by instilling self- awareness, and preventive measures in which the patients can feel “in charge” by adopting an autonomous way of thinking about their own health. The healthcare team should educate, instruct, and direct health methodologies individualized and specified to the patients and culturally sensitive. Consistency in delivering healthcare, running periodic laboratories on the patients to see compliance with the treatments suggested is part of using measurable data.

Culturally sensitive interventionsPromoting Healthy Habits Assignment Solved 

interventions need to be specific and individualized in the patient own language, understanding capacity and religion. This is for example if I have a patient who is of Jewish ancestry, we are required to have some minimal knowledge on kosher practices, because when we make suggestions on a possible diet, we can only include kosher choices, which includes not only foods but also certain medications brands and vitamins and supplements without porcine or bovine additives or unkosher gelatins.

In the case of the population, I’ve chosen for my project I always like to have an interpreter because I do not speak Creole, and to always make sure that when the healthcare providers include the consumption of some specific foods, we can talk on the context of a family reunion because this culture are very family united.

                                                                                                               Measurable Interventions

Follow up with the patient and their individualized interventions it’s of utmost importance in order to achieve the desired goals. According to Stanhope the 2020 EBP represent a cultural change in practice period which provides an environment to improve both nursing practice, and client outcomes. Nursing is known for offering services of care based on environmental and client assessments, critical remarks, expansion of questions or hypothesis to be discovered, collecting data from the situation through community or structural assessments, or from the client through history, physical assessment, and review of past health records. My preceptor always remarks that when a person comes to the clinic, we should gather past labs and assessment records and compare with the one we have in hand to see if the goals have been met.

Today during my practicum experience it became apparent to me how a patient who is an 85-year-old female with diabetes, to whom my preceptor had the need to change certain medications to lower doses because her blood glucose goal had been achieved, and now she went down to insulin only in as needed basis, and also to only half the units.

The interventions were followed up by laboratory testing, and the goal was measurable and well-achieved. According to Stanhope one approach used in evaluating evidence is grading the strength of the evidence, this manner when data is graded the evidence is assigned a grade based on the number and type of well-designed studies and the presence of similar discoveries in all of the findings. Reading evidence has been divided so strongly that in 2002 the agency for healthcare research and quality assigned this analysis to illustrate current systems used to estimate the practicality of studies and strength of evidence. The excellence of the study indicates to the extent to which bias is diminished, and I like to cite this because we need not to give opinions based on assumptions of our own personal experiences, we need to learn that there are many different variables of how things occur, and EVP is useful in making interventions more effective and measurable, these proposed theories are built on numbers and ways of proving efficiency.


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Promoting Healthy Habits Assignment Solved