Patient Education Discussed

Patient Education Discussed

Patient Education Discussed

Week 1 discussion 1


The patient is preparing to be discharged from the hospital, but there has been a spill that led to the patient falling. You now need to explain that the discharge will be delayed until a full assessment has been completed. Additionally, educational materials and instructions need to be provided to the patient. A family member is present to help with discharge and follow-up instructions due to a language barrier.

 The patient is sitting in the room waiting for instructions and discharge orders. The patient is getting anxious, having already waited for some time, and wants to leave. The patient does not speak English and is having a difficult time understanding why an assessment needs to be done just for falling down.Patient Education Discussed


· Given that the patient speaks and understands very little English, what other forms of communication might be used to provide patient education?

· How would you assess if the patient understands the discharge instructions?

· How will the actions of the staff member either negatively or positively impact patient care and the patient care experience?

· What ethical values or decisions did the staff member make that do not align with the patient education policy?


· Formatted and cited in current APA 7

· The discussion must address the topic

· Rationale must be provided

· Use at least 600 words (no included 1st page or references in the 600 words)

· Use 3 academic sources. Not older than 5 years

· Not Websites are allowed.

· Plagiarism is NOT allowed

Patient Education Discussed