BIO500 Rank Correlation Week 8 Assignment

BIO500 Rank Correlation Week 8 Assignment

BIO500 Rank Correlation Week 8 Assignment

BIO500 Biostatistics

Week 8 Assignment

Rank Correlation

For the following assignment, use the Rank Correlation that was demonstrated in Chapter 12 of the textbook (page 566).
Utilizing Excel or SPSS:

Use a rank correlation coefficient to test for a correlation between two variables.

Use a significance level of ?=0.05.

The new health care program in the United States makes provisions for capitation
programs where health care insurers work with clinical facilities to perform
risk analysis of patients to determine the cost of providing care. The
following assignment might be used to assess how much a person smokes.

When nicotine is absorbed by the body, cotinine is produced. A measurement of
cotinine in the body is therefore a good indicator of how much a person smokes.
The reported number of cigarettes smoked per day and the measured amounts of
cotinine (in ng/ml) are provided. (The values are from randomly selected
subjects in a National Health Examination Survey.) Is there a significant
linear correlation? How would you measure the cotinine level in the body? Explain
the result.

Refer to the “Rank Correlation Table.”

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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