Assignment Sustainability Analysis Solved

Assignment Sustainability Analysis Solved

Assignment Sustainability Analysis Solved

Discussion 1 Describing Culture Solved

Assignment Sustainability Analysis Solved

Culture plays a primary role in how we communicate with each other. As human services workers, we often encounter individuals whose cultural perspective is very different from our own. Knowing the key elements that differentiate cultures, as well as our own cultural orientation, is important in being able to communicate effectively. In this discussion, you will be describing aspects of cultural difference that may impact interpersonal communication. You will also be reporting on your own cultural orientation.

Read Chapter 2 of The Interpersonal Communication Book. In addition, answer the fourteen questions on your cultural orientation found on pp. 35 – 36.

Reflect on the findings of the cultural orientation test that you completed. How did this help you to understand your own cultural orientation? Were there some elements that really made sense to you while others did not? How did this compare to what you read about differing components of a cultural orientation? How would you describe your own specific cultural orientation (not just as the United States or your country or origin)?

Initial Post: Prepare a 300-word minimum reply that sufficiently addresses each of the items below:

Based on what you read in the textbook, identify and describe at least three factors can that be used to understand a culture.

Describe the impact of culture, as a whole, on communication.

Discuss your own cultural orientation in relation to these three factors.

Explain how understanding a cultural orientation may aid in interpersonal communication in a human

services work setting. Please use at least one example in your explanation.