Addressing Methods of Conflict Management

Addressing Methods of Conflict Management

Addressing Methods of Conflict Management

Conflict can be defined as a state of disharmony that occurs within a group of people with differing viewpoints, opinions, values, or priorities.

Conflict setting :

I entered into the emergency room for my 12-hour shift in the emergency department and found out that my assignment that day was quite heavy. I was assigned seven patients, including two who were unstable at that time. I noticed that my colleague had a light assignment with only five patients, all of whom were scheduled to be discharged to home during the shift.Addressing Methods of Conflict Management

I felt frustrated because my patient load exceeded the ER guidelines regarding patient number and acuity. I had earlier noticed that my colleague often receives lighter assignments because she is known to be intimidating and aggressive. I decided to address the issue with the charge nurse who told me she was busy and “it is what it is.” Increasingly frustrated, I decided that it was time to approach the unit manager about this ongoing issue.


Collaboration is considered the most effective method of conflict management.

The manager could have an informal meeting with both the nurses and the charge nurse where they can discuss ways they can all come to an acceptable solution.

Each party can give input and feel their opinion is important and heard by management. With all involved parties included, each will be more willing to compromise for the overall benefit of everyone on the unit including other staff members and patients. This solution offers the best way for a speedy resolution while also improving patient care and patient outcomes.

Another important aspect could be negotiation.

Negotiation involves controlling reactions during the conflict, seeking to actively listen and understand the other party’s issues, identifying the unmet need, and being able to compromise and collaborate to come to a positive solution.



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Addressing Methods of Conflict Management